Kovalyov’s article on Poland and the origins of World War II

As I mentioned in an earlier post, Kovalyov’s article appears to have been pulled from the Russian Ministry of Defense website. I was able to track down what I think is a good text of the piece, though, and I’ve put it on my personal website’s sources page as a Russian-language .pdf. I’ll have further comments once I’ve had time to give it a read.

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  1. [...] essay on the origins of World War II (mentioned here and with Russian text available through here )is an excellent example of the pitfalls in attempting to draw history into contemporary politics [...]

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  3. [...] outlined the argument (as formulated by Kovalyov) and my objections to it before.  What Buchanan (and Kovalyov earlier) are omitting is the context of the guarantee to Poland against German aggression at the end of [...]

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