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Military History on the Web

Tuesday, September 25th, 2007

Over at Airminded, his blog site devoted (mostly) to airpower and British society, Brett Holman has posted the results of his second study of the “state of the military history blogosphere.”

The news, it seems, is pretty good.

Employing the same (necessarily) sketchy methodology that he first used this past March, Brett finds that the number of blogs devoted to military history has grown by 50% in the past six months. (This, he notes, is just slightly slower growth than the blogosphere as a whole). While milhist blogs remain overwhelmingly centered in the United States and focused on American subject matter, this dominance may be gradually receding.

Brett concludes:

the military historioblogosphere is rapidly growing and somewhat more diverse than it was in March 2007; but still dominated by American bloggers writing about the American Civil War. The biggest change, however, has been the increase in institutional group blogs, usually attached to museums but sometimes also to publishers or archaeological projects. No doubt there’ll be a few more of these by March 2008 …